Photo: © Bob Carlos Clarke

From 1975 to 1980 he trained as a theatrical

Costumier and make-up artist working for the likes of Kate Bush

on the lion costume for the album Lion Hart

and with Ken Loach as assistant make up artist on the film Black Jack.


He established Daniel James Designs in 1983

after he and his night club business partner David Claridge

opend the original Skin Two' night club in soho London.

He quickly realized there was a market for couture rubberwear and with features

in Vogue' Elle' & The Times

he rapidly emerged as the leading designer and manufacturer

of haute-couture rubberwear.

Through his extensive experience of this unique material Daniel James has perfected

manufacturing techniques unprecedented in quality. For the first time he successfully

combined the traditional restraints of fetishism with the aesthetic elements of classic



At Daniel James' Kensington shop his clients ranged from the very private collector to

international celebrities including Cher, Lauren Hutton, Zandra Rhodes.

He has also created costumes for Clairol. Honda, Pirelli, Toyah Steve Strange

& Bob Carlos Clarke.


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Latex Fashion Pioneer Daniel James

Daniel James
was born in London in 1959